A selection of recent reviews from our lovely USA customers:


The reviews below are for the Luxury Green Tea Scented Candle. All reviews are from customers based in New Zealand and Australia, as that is where the first editions of these candles were sold. More reviews will be added as we expand our range, and the countries we hold stock in.

Simply Divine!

By GCX on December 9, 2014 

This is absolutely THE BEST candle that I've ever had!! It burns for a long time, smells just wonderful with just enough scent to have a hit of the aroma but not in any way too overpowering. My family and I have allergies and some candles are too perfumy for us to even have as decorations but this one is absolutely PERFECT!

It's a  230gm jar of soy based candle, with a lead free wick, housed in a glass jar that you can recycle, comes with a box with a lid so you can keep the dust off the candle when not in use. What more could we ask for? I initially thought that the price was somewhat high, but after you see how long it burns and how wonderful it smells, the price is fair and worth every 'scent'! :-)


Best Scent Out There

By J.D Burke on August 2, 2014 

I'm not often moved to write reviews of candles but this one is very good. The scent is the best I've found and it's fairly strong. Add to that the fact that the candle burns for such a long time and you have a winner.


Pleasant Surprise

By Man Cave on October 9, 2014 

First, I am a man, a man who likes nice pleasures including fragrant scents. So, when I heard about EarthShine Scented Candles and their hand poured soy based products, I was interested to find a pleasant fragrance (Green Tea) that my wife and I could both enjoy without the burning soot and smoke of regular wax candles. We are both sensitive to the soot and smoke from wax candles because they give us splitting headaches no matter how good they smell.These candles are spot on.


By Casey D on May 14, 2014 

This was the most expensive candle I have ever bought and I found it a surprise. What I found interesting was this candle does not give off a solid in-your-face, up-your-nose scent. It is extremely pleasant and not too subtle. And, to my amazement, I found myself relaxing while it was lit. Nice to know the the candle is doing it's job. I burn candles often so I feel I can make such a comparison between them. All in all, I would recommend this candle, especially if you would like a melting, romantic feel -whether with a significant other, reading a good book or simply taking a warm bath.


He loves it!

By Pat B on August 16, 2014

My husband doesn't like scented candles, and I can be pretty picky, but someone gave me one of these and I had it burning in the bathroom. FIRST time EVER - 28 years together - my husband said "you could buy more of those." I was so surprised. I really like the scent as well - clean, balanced and just right.


Five Stars!

By SB John on September 1 2014 

I love this candle. I would definitely buy again from this company.


The Perfect Gift

By CB Hill on 30 June 2014 

Firstly, I feel I must state that I was sold my candle at a discount because it was lit once in a promotion, and the company asked if i would do a review on it so I agree to.

The candle is packed in a beautiful gift box. It feels quite heavy compared to other candles I have purchased. ( I am a candle fan and have tried many different brands so I feel it is a fair comment). The box is very nicely crafted, even inside its all padded. Its a quality product. (I really like things that are nicely presented.) The candle itself is pure white and so is the jar its in - which suits me as I cannot abide those tacky colored ones with awful sounding names. This one is all luxury and sophistocation, and even in my little home it made its presence felt. Because it had been lit once for a photo shoot, the wax had formed a little hollow. The company gave me a print out about candle tunneling to ensure i burnt it for long enough the first time  I used it to avoid getting  a memory ring. I did as instructed and the candle lasted for ages. Visitors commented on it and I actually bought this candle as a gift for several people - for a birthday, an engagement and as a dinner party hostess gift. I think this candle is extremely well-priced given the quality as I have actually paid more for those ones in mason jars and they don't look anywhere near as classy as this one. Anyway, I hope this helps, especially if you are after a gift for someone - you probably wouldn't even need to wrap it as you could just tie a card to the ribbon on the top. I did wrap mine and it looked lovely. I was quite surprised at the reaction it got - I didn't realize how much people like getting candles - thats why I kept doing it - everyone loved getting them as a gift. 

5.0 out of 5 stars