About Us

Its taken a while for us to be able to tell the full story of how EarthShine Scented Candles came about.  Read on, and hopefully you will understand why.

Our candles are actually a happy outcome after total devastation.

Can you imagine losing your home and business and people you’ve known for years, all in the matter of minutes?

That’s what happened to the team at EarthShine, all because the ground shook so hard one day.

On the 22nd of February 2011, a massive earthquake demolished the inner city of Christchurch, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in New Zealand. It was about six months after an even larger quake that hit on the 4th of September 2010, although that was less damaging with no loss of life.

In 2011, however, many people lost their livelihoods, their homes, but worst of all, people they loved.

Rescuers laboured for weeks to find missing people, some of whom were buried under tons of rubble. In the first few hours and days, the rescues were often successful and the joy on people’s faces was heartening, but as the days passed it all became utterly heartbreaking as rescue turned into recovery.


One of the owners of EarthShine Scented Candles is a fully qualified, registered Naturopath. Her name is Gem.

Over the days, weeks and months following the earthquake, several things became clear.

Firstly, the initial stress people were under that had appeared to be mitigated by the actions of cleaning up and organising somewhere to live, quickly began to develop into barely disguised fear, nervousness and sleeplessness as every aftershock brought the terror flooding back.

Secondly, people were suffering financially as they waited for help in the form of insurance pay outs and a general plan for moving forward.

Thirdly, as time went on, many began to present with clear signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Gem developed some methods to deal with the various stages and symptoms people were presenting with, ensuring that her clinic remained a place of calmness for each of her clients.

She often employed time-honoured methods that cost little or nothing but have marvellous results when it comes to taking the edge off stress. She calls them her “2 cent cures” or “2 penny remedies”. They had helped others after the Global Financial Crisis, and would work equally as well now.

Gem also focused on the five senses and the natural elements that make up our planet, encouraging people to work with at least two elements a day. One thing became very clear – the candles (fire element) she was burning in an effort to create a restful environment – were having a positive effect on everyone. People loved them.

Here’s what she has to say:

“Our sense of smell can be incredibly powerful. I have researched and tested various techniques to help my patients - many of whom suffer from PTSD – but one thing kept recurring - every one of my clients commented on the lovely scent when arriving at the clinic as I always have a candle burning. They quickly become comfortable, and with comfort comes compliance – they listen and participate in their own healing process. They wanted to take the “calmness” home with them – so we had to stock more and more candles.

I became increasingly interested in the relationship between the olfactory nerve and the results I was seeing. Different scents had different results. It was a natural path to learning more and then to sharing the candles we had success with, with the world.

We put so much time and effort into developing and testing the most effective scents to reduce stress - that both men and women find appealing (no easy task!), created from the safest fragrances we could find, and researching the best carrier for them. We really wanted to offer something top quality for those looking for a gift (our Luxury Scented Candle), and something more portable, but long lasting (our Eco-To-Go Candle). Our latest candle comes in a 100% recyclable, heavy duty, lidded glass tower.

Although one of the oldest methods of candle making is to create them from beeswax, we dismissed this method, due to the plight of bees, and the inability to check the care being given at source. Having both heard and read reports of how some bee farmers mistreat their beautiful bees, we chose not to be involved with that industry at this time.

We are determined to produce 100% vegan candles that are as natural as we can get them so, that led to the decision that we wanted 100% botanical wax. From there we had to check every candle maker we could find to see if they were sneaking paraffin or other chemical-laden products into their candles. After that, we checked to see if the wax was being over-bleached or disguised by coloured dyes in the wax.

Finally, we found two candle makers with integrity, who access pure botanic wax from sustainable sources and do not bleach it to bits. Success!

They also use chemical-free fragrances along with lead and zinc free wicks and we know both of those come from trustworthy sources too.

On top of that, we wanted our products to be either or both recyclable or up-cyclable. I believe we have achieved that as well. People are saving the luxury box and jar for storing items in, and the tin too, since it has such a good fitting lid.

I won't put my clients lungs at risk in my clinic, so I first tested these candles myself, and then with some of my most sensitive patients. They have all given them the thumbs up. In fact, some of them are becoming candle connoisseurs so I'm rounding them up to test new fragrance sample candles coming soon.

I encouraged them to use the candles for candle meditation. They are reporting seeing improvements and results manifesting in many areas of their life. Previously I had noticed they were having trouble with meditation when they used ordinary household paraffin candles due to irritation from the smoke and chemicals of the petroleum bi-products. One of the other pleasing things that I am noticing is a reduction in headaches - again, likely due to the clean burning soy wax and resulting relaxation.

Most of my sensitive clients go straight for the luxury green tea candle as they cannot cope with "loud" scents. That candle is also better in a small space as it will not overwhelm sensitive souls, and the scent itself is delicate, even at a high percentage of fragrance. We recommend it in bathrooms, small bedrooms and living areas.

However, interestingly, the most stressed out and traumatised of my patients reach for the Cranberry and Spice Eco-To-Go scented candle. I showed one lovely patient who struggles with her weight, a study done by a doctor in the USA who found that people simply smelling the scent of cranberries have a reduction in food cravings and lost weight as a result. She is trying that out now with one of the latest editions of our Cranberry and Spice candle. I don't know if she has lost weight yet, but she is decidedly more happy and relaxed.”


And that's what we want for you too - to be more happy and relaxed in your home, or on your travels.

So, although our candles have evolved from a truly shocking and mind-blowing event, a lot of thought, care and love has gone into bringing them to the world via Amazon, Shopify and eBay. We hope you enjoy them.




Giving Back

EarthShine Scented Candles supports a variety of charities via Tab For A Cause. http://www.tabforacause.org/


Candle Care

First Burn Instructions: Avoiding Candle Tunneling

 In order to help your new candle burn evenly and remain easy to light, please read this guide.

 1.  The first time you light your candle let it to burn for at least two hours. This will allow the wax pool to widen to the outside edge. 

 If the candle is not burned for long enough the first time, the small wax pool that is formed is likely to be the size of the opening for the life of the candle. That means the hard wax around the edge will not burn, which can cause candle tunneling.

 In order to prevent this happening, the first time you light the candle, do not trim the wick.

 If you trim the wick too short on the first burn, the flame may not be large enough to melt the wax all the way to the edge.

 2.  Let the candle burn long enough until the entire top of it is liquid wax, as close to the edge as it will go.

 3.  After the first burn, try to let your candle burn for long enough to encourage the opening to stay wide and prevent the candle from tunneling on subsequent occasions.

 4.  Enjoy your candle. Its been made with love and care just for you. We’d love to add you to our Candle Club so you get to hear about our offers and new products before everyone else. Simply send us a message from our contact page.